SEO Strategy

How The Right SEO Strategy Can Propel Your Business

Be it a local business or one that aims to engage international clients, every company that is looking to improve their sales, enhance their brand recognition and awareness, and reach new markets would do well to look for the optimal SEO strategy to meet their needs. All businesses follow a basic model comprised of fundamental factors. You have a product or service, of which clients or consumers need to become aware of for them to take the plunge and make a purchase. In the past, signs, print and mass media, as well as word-of-mouth were used to tout the quality and features of what a business would provide. Now, social media, blogs, memes, viral videos, article networks and website content are the means by which people become aware of products and services that they would like to avail of.

All of the aforementioned means are accessed through a search engine. Gone are the days when individuals would memorize entire website addresses. Now, inputting a word or phrase into their browser’s search engine will bring up numerous results based on relevance, popularity, and authority. Any business, in any niche, that is looking for increased presence in today’s market would do well to find a good strategy to optimize their position in every major search engine’s rankings.

Jason from SEO Melbourne says – “The importance of search engine rankings in today’s market cannot be ignored. Personal brand awareness due to television advertisements, radio announcements and newspaper ads are now being superseded by the ease with which a simple search bar could generate the most relevant hits for the product or service one wishes to find. This has given brands and businesses with smaller marketing budgets a more even playing ground, enabling them to compete against multi-million-dollar companies. By investing in improved SEO presence, instead of wasting money on expensive television and radio time, or in buying a tiny, oft-overlooked place in the local paper, businesses can have a better shot at making sure potential consumers become actual customers.”

The advent and significance of search engine rankings have also skewed the way brand loyalty and recognition works. The awareness of the masses are no longer monopolized by brands which have more prominent advertisements on radio and television. Whereas before, consumers were loath to risk and try new brands, nowadays, a slew of positive, quality online reviews of a product or service, a quick viral vide, or an oft-shared article on social media can quickly garner a large following. Consumers are now being more product- and service-centric; instead of focusing on the supposed prestige of buying television’s “leading” brand, they are now more critical of a product’s actual virtues and are more rewarding to businesses which strive for quality instead of simply popularity. This shift in perception has made it so much easier for starting and small business to carve a significant portion of the market in their niche, all without the need to overburden their finances. The right SEO strategy can bring consumers hungry for more value for their money to companies looking for a market for their services.

Search engine optimization is not the future of marketing, it is its present. Small companies are now reaping the rewards of having shifted their focus early on obtaining the right SEO strategy for their business. Large companies are slowly decreasing the percentage of their marketing budget allotted to traditional media and are instead looking for new ways to rank higher and higher in all the major search engines. There will eventually come a time when SEO efforts will stop being a competitive edge and start being a necessity for all businesses, a time that is coming sooner than expected. As with all aspects of business, striking when the iron is hot is a sure path towards success.